Duropal Worktop Collection
UK & Ireland 2017-2020



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Due to the print reproduction on the following decors, may we recommend that you click here for a large scale image view to highlight the pattern variations and natural effects that these worktops are intended to feature, prior to ordering your worktops: Bellato Grey F76044 (F7709) XM, Breccia Paradiso S63021 (S63021) XM, Carrara Marble S63009 (R6303) XM, Chapel Oak R20036 (R4282) FG, Dark Coppice Oak R20274(R20274) MO, El Greco S63027 (S63027) XM, Ipanema Grey S61013 (R6267) CT, Ipanema White S61011 (R6265) CT, Light Cortona S63033 (S63033) XM, Natural Coppice Oak R20273(R20273) MO, Nero Portoro S63028 (S63028) XM, Oriental Stone S63007 (R6301) XM, Oxyd Grey F76097 (F76097) SX, Ponderosa Pine R55004 (R4531) RU, Rabac F76028 (R6234) SX, Sonoma Oak R20039 (R4285) RU, Tivoli S68004 (R6244) CT, Torino Oak R20231 (R5872) FG, Travertine S65002 (R6273) FG, Trebbia Stone S63035 (S63035) XM
Crystal White
U11026 (U1026) MS Quadra
Icy White
U11027 (U1027) XM Cubix
Light Grey
U12188 (U1188) XM Cubix
U12290 (U1290) XM Cubix
Natural Oak Block
R20004 (R4101) VV Quadra
Harvard Oak Block
R20016 (R4210) VV Quadra
Chapel Oak
R20036 (R4282) FG Quadra
Sonoma Oak
R20039 (R4285) RU Quadra
Dark Mountain Oak
R20065 (R4371) NW Quadra
R20090 (R5836) RU Quadra
Torino Oak
R20231 (R5872) FG Quadra
Natural Coppice Oak
R20273(R20273) MO Cubix
Dark Coppice Oak
R20274(R20274) MO Cubix
White Beech Parquet
R24022 (R5336) VV Quadra
Block Walnut
R30023 (R5151) VV Quadra
Woodmix Block
R30027 (R5989) VV Quadra
Plum Butcherblock
R45004 (R5638) VV Quadra
Clay Sangha Wenge
R50003 (R5612) RU Quadra
Natural Sangha Wenge
R50004 (R5613) RU Quadra
Ponderosa Pine
R55004 (R4531) RU Quadra
Grey Ottawa
S61000 (R6050) FG Quadra
Brown Ottawa
S61001 (R6052) FG Quadra
Black Brazil
S61008 (R6216) TC Quadra
Ipanema White
S61011 (R6265) CT Quadra
Ipanema Grey
S61013 (R6267) CT Quadra
Brown Sahara
S62008 (R6457) VV Quadra
Natural Messina
S62009 (R6461) CT Quadra
Antique Messina
S62010 (R6462) CT Quadra
Taurus Sand
S62011 (R6482) CT Quadra
Light Marble
S63003 (R6254) TC Quadra
Oriental Stone
S63007 (R6301) XM Cubix
Carrara Marble
S63009 (R6303) XM Cubix
Carrara Marble 20mm
S63009 (R6303) XM Quadra
Jura Marble
S63011 (R6442) TC Quadra
Roma Marble (Gloss)
S63014 (R6499) HS Quadra
Breccia Paradiso
S63021 (S63021) XM Cubix
Breccia Paradiso 20mm
S63021 (S63021) XM Quadra
El Greco
S63027 (S63027) XM Cubix
Nero Portoro
S63028 (S63028) XM Cubix
Nero Portoro 20mm
S63028 (S63028) XM Quadra
Light Cortona
S63033 (S63033) XM Cubix
Trebbia Stone
S63035 (S63035) XM Quadra
Welsh Slate
S64004 (R6487) FG Quadra
S65002 (R6273) FG Quadra
Star Black
S66000 (F7407) TC Quadra
Mirabelle Corro
S66010 (R6352) TC Quadra
Glacial Storm
S66012 (R6480) MS Quadra
Anthracite Peru
S68000 (F7646) TC Quadra
Astral Quartz
S68002 (F8345) TC Quadra
Astral Quartz (Gloss)
S68002 (F8345) HS Quadra
S68004 (R6244) CT Quadra
S68007 (R6264) CT Quadra
Black Limestone
S68013 (R6424) TC Quadra
Quartz Stone
F73009 (F7655) CT Quadra
Dark Anthracite Fino
F73010 (F7684) TC Quadra
Flash Black
F76016 (F7654) CT Quadra
Brushed Aluminium
F76023 (F8110) VV Quadra
F76028 (R6234) SX Quadra
Bellato Grey
F76044 (F7709) XM Cubix
Bellato Grey 20mm
F76044 (F7709) XM Quadra
Oxyd Grey
F76097 (F76097) SX Quadra
No decor

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