Duropal Compact Worktop Collection
UK & Ireland 2018-2020

Large Scale
Décor Images

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Please see below the following decors reproduced as large scale images.
May we ask that you view these images prior to ordering your worktops.
Bellato Grey (Grey Core) F76044 (F7709) CM
Carrara Marble (Grey Core) S63009 (R6303) CM
Ceramic Rust (Black Core) F76026 (R6008) GR
Crick (Black Core) S60019 GR
Dark Mountain Oak (Black Core) R20065 (R4371) RC
Metallic Brown (Black Core) F76054 (F7506) GR
Nero Portoro (Black Core) S63028 CM
Oriental Stone (Black Core) S63007 (R6301) CM
Ponderosa Pine (Black Core) R55004 (R4531) RC
No decor

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