About Duropal

Five decades of creative innovation

Since 1958 Duropal® has been a world leader in the manufacture of decorative high pressure laminates (HPL). Throughout the 1960’s Duropal® was at the forefront of technological development in the industry including the first industrial scale application of urea resins for gluing HPL to chipboard; the recognised standard in use today. In 1969, the present day Arnsberg site was acquired and developed. The reputation for creative innovation was reinforced throughout the 1970’s with the introduction of the 4.1 metre length press and new textures. Commitment to the UK market was secured by the opening of an office in Gerrards Cross in 1977. Innovation grew with new investment in the 1980’s through the acquisition of a majority shareholding by Pfleiderer. The investment continued into the 1990’s with a new high capacity HPL press and the acquisition of the remaining shareholding of the original Duropal-Werk Eberhard Wrede GmbH & Co. KG by Pfleiderer; then soon to become Pfleiderer AG.

The pace of change continues in the current decade. A new continuously operating HPL press was commissioned in 2001 at the Arnsberg factory, and indeed further significant investment is currently being made with the addition of a second continuously operating HPL press. In July 2004 significant investment was made in new offices at Macclesfield in Cheshire, thereby providing for Pfleiderer's continued commitment to serve and support the UK markets. Corporate restructuring and the acquisition of Kunz by Pfleiderer have resulted in the group becoming one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of engineered wood and decorative products. Pfleiderer GmbH currently employs approximately 3,100 people and operates 8 plants in Western & Eastern Europe. Pfleiderer Arnsberg GmbH continues to deliver consistent product quality and creative innovation in both High Pressure Laminates and worktop component manufacturing.