Technical Information

The Cubix and Quadra Design Collection

61 exciting decors - 49 in the unique Quadra profile and 12 in the popular Cubix profile.

Cubix profile

The Duropal Cubix profile, modern and exciting creating a square edge appearance, is available in this collection in 9 colourways.

  • 2mm radius
  • available as 40mm post-formed edge

Quadra profile

The Duropal Quadra profile, fashionable yet tried and tested, offers you unique product features and is available in this collection in 36 colourways.

  • 3mm radius
  • available as 40mm post-formed edge

Special Seal

All Duropal worktops with both Cubix and Quadra profiles come with a unique seal designed to ensure a lifetime of protection against moisture and steam.

ClassicBoard P2 CARB2

This panel type satisfies the same demands as the standard chipboard core, but is suitable for fields of application with stricter emission demands and in accordance with EN 312.

Duropal Compact Worktop

A thin worktop with extraordinary properties. With its simple style it reflects the latest trends in interior design.

  • available in 12mm with white, grey and black core
  • available in a selection of 12 decors

Square edged

Worktop with almost right-angled edge. In addition to the extraordinary high-quality look, the laser edging process is also impervious to moisture and water vapour – just like a post-formed edge!

  • available as 20mm and 40mm edge
  • available in a selection of 8 decors

Technical data for this product can be found under Duropal Worktop PerForm on

General guidelines for processing Duropal Worktops


  • Always use sharp tools.
  • Circular saw blades with flat chamfer teeth (FZ/FA) or alternating teeth (WZ) achieve best results.
  • Reduce the feed rate when cutting through the post-formed edge.
  • Spiral router cutters achieve best results.
  • For finishing edges with Duropal HPL edging strip, trim and finish with 300 grit sandpaper.

This information is for guidance only and is based on our experiences with the processing of our products, it does not give any guarantee of final results; guidelines should be adapted to the situation depending on the tools available. Your tool supplier should be consulted to assist in the selection of the correct tools for best results. This Information is not intended to and shall not be deemed to constitute a guarantee by us of any kind or character whatsoever.

Duropal ... quality you can take for granted.

All constituent parts of our worktops are manufactured within the Pfleiderer Group, therefore giving us complete quality control over our finished products. Duropal worktops are the perfect alternative to acrylic based, granite and stone worktops at a fraction of the price. Our comprehensive selection of decors offers opportunities from the most modern applications to the more traditional. 61 exciting decors - 49 in the unique Quadra profile and 12 in the popular Cubix profile.

With Duropal you're covered from all directions ...

Technical Details

4,100 mm40 mm600 mm - Postformed one long edge
4,100 mm40 mm670 mm - Postformed both long edges
4,100 mm40 mm900 mm - Postformed both long edges


Surface Textures

Crisp Granite (CT), Enhanced High Gloss (HS), Enhanced Semi Matt (MS), Fine Grain (FG), Montana (MO), Natural Wood (NW), Rustic Wood (RU), Stucotex (SX), Miniperl (MP), Top Velvet (VV), Xtreme Matt (XM)

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Upstands

Surfaced in genuine Duropal high pressure laminate produced with P3 moisture-resistant chipboard core and available to match all 61 decors in the following size:

  • 4,100 x 120 x 19mm nominal, 3mm postformed radius

An ideal finishing touch for your Duropal high pressure laminate worktops offering another cost-efficient and hygienic alternative to tiling.

Whilst our Duropal HPL upstands are produced using P3 moisture-resistant chipboard, please ensure that due care is taken to correctly seal the product to prevent moisture ingress.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) MDF Back Panels

Consisting of a 8mm E1 medium density fibreboard (MDF) core surfaced with genuine Duropal high pressure laminate manufactured to DIN-EN438. Available in 61 matching decors plus 1 real metallic option (Alu 1 – not available as a worktop) in the following sizes:


Worktop Decors

  • 4,100 x 640mm x 9.2mm nominal (8mm MDF core)


Please ensure that due care is taken to correctly seal the product to prevent moisture ingress.

* For installation behind hobs, check with hob manufacturer's fitting instructions to ensure suitability and distance requirements are met.

Technical Specification

HPL SurfaceDuropal Worktops are surfaced with genuine high pressure laminate guaranteed to BS/EN 438; hardwearing and easy to clean.
GluelineGuaranteed moisture and heat resistant to BS/EN 204.
Postformed EdgeThe profiled front edge of Duropal Worktops is designed to prevent liquid spills finding their way into drawers and cupboards.